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People have enjoyed Freekeh since ancient times. Now modern researchers have started to discover that green wheat retains more proteins, vitamins, minerals and has many health and nutritional benefits.

  • “Low carb”, Resistant starch plus high in fiber (up to 16.5% fiber). Available carbs are about 45/100 units
  • Greatly improves bowel health. Helps with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, laxation and general bowel health
  •  Very high in fiber. More than four times the fiber content of brown rice (AGAL). See comparison
  • Good prebiotic effect with large numbers of biofidobacterial and lactobacilli (CSIRO)
  • Pronounced increase in concentration and excretion of the short chain fatty acid butyrate which is associated with diminishing the risk of developing degenerative bowel diseases including colorectal cancer and diverticulosis. CSIRO Executive Summary: Effects of Freekeh on Biomarkers of Bowel Health and Cardiovascular Health
  • Low Glycaemic Index with excellent insulin response (excellent for diabetics). Wholegrain freekeh GI = 43
  • Low fat content (similar to rice) (AGAL)
  • Great for weight loss, with a short transition through the body
  • Freekeh is rich in Zeaxanthin and Lutein  (implicated in the prevention of age-related macular degeneration) (AMD – University of Adelaide)
  • Grains that have been through the Freekeh process have a higher protein quality  at maturity (Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture Volume 50 Number 3 1990)

comparative analysis with quinoa

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