Recipe: Kale Chopped Salad with Berries and Freekeh

THK Heinans Salad6

This gorgeous freekeh, kale and berry salad is easy and vibrantly delicious! It features a whole rainbow of fruits and veggies, highlighted by a lightly sweet yet tangy vinaigrette. Loaded with crunchy walnuts, celery, carrots and yellow peppers, plus sweet blueberries and dried cranberries, and then finished with a salty hint of feta … it’s totally loaded with flavor and super healthy, too!

Chopped salads are all the rage, and this version is a snap to throw together and keeps for several days! A must-try crowd-pleaser!

So many great flavors! Including:

  • freekeh
  • kale
  • fresh and dried berries
  • crunchy carrots, celery and nuts
  • sweet peppers
  • feta
  • a sweet yet tangy vinaigrette

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